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November 17, 2008
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Black Gold King by ShawnCoss Black Gold King by ShawnCoss
This took me much longer than I had hoped. I have final in 2 weeks and instead of studying I'm doing fucking art because I can't control my addiction >;)

Before I indulge with my thoughts on this, note that all of my facts are not straight and that this is merely coming from an emotional outlet.

Here in Ohio, gas has dropped well below to the 1.79 price range. Still kind of high from only 5 years ago but compared to where we were at 2 months ago, I'm not complaining. What bothers me is that the "higher ups" in the oil industry would say that they have to raise prices to match the barrel of gas price and still make profit. Yet as some know, their profits are in the billions from the past 3 years. It seems like if the sky looked a little less blue and more cloudy that the gas prices would rise yet we are told that prices aren't effected at the pumps until 6 weeks later. Seems a bit off to me.

So I imagine what these "king's of oil" look like and how they feed off of the blackness that plagues our existance. Like blood, oil courses through their veins, oozing from every orifice and pore of their body. It allows them the privelige of life, while the rest of us suffer. But what will happen when we drain our planet of it's oil? Will it wither away as the black gold king's surely will? and we will be left to clean up the mess.

BTW - In case you didn't know...this shit is copyrighted, and so help me god if I find it stolen, I will rape your eye sockets....legally of course ;)
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Gah the typo's! SUCH HORROR... DAM YOU INTERNET FOR CAUSING MY FINGERS TO TYPO... I mean brain -eye twitch-

gawd im tired ><

sorry o.o

idk why but i seem to have the need to spam your notes with my rabble

-tapes mouth shut- ill stop

maybe o.o

damit i can still use my hands

their typing



Ok, since you asked for a critique i'll try my best to muster one up, ><...., uh, damn't! YOu can't ask for a critique when you do abstarxt, to much pressure! -hyperventalates-...

Ok the texture on the jacket seems to go in one consecutive dowanrward motion, when the lapels should be going downish and the jacket it self should be a little more straight in the contex since. Also the splaters around the eyes are a darker shade than the eye sockets themselves, causing the splaters to look like it isn't actually touching the skin but rather on a surface of paper.

Heh... your my first critique >< so don't judge me... or... I'll think of something later >.>
You just drove me insane :P
ShawnCoss Oct 3, 2010  Professional General Artist
good insane?
The best kind there is :psychotic:
ShawnCoss Aug 27, 2010  Professional General Artist
Thank you darling
you have a sick ass gallery bro. love the work.
ShawnCoss Mar 20, 2009  Professional General Artist
=) Thanks
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